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              Chongqing Laishi Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 with a registered capital of 108 million yuan. After more than ten years of development, the company has developed into a sustainable prefabricated building integrator dedicated to the design, production, manufacturing, installation, construction and business services of various steel structure buildings


              The company has national first-level steel structure engineering construction qualifications, national first-level steel structure engineering manufacturing qualifications, first-level curtain wall construction qualifications, first-level building decoration qualifications, second-level building construction general contracting qualifications, second-level fire protection qualifications, and third-level mechanical and electrical installation qualifications. It has passed ISO90001 quality management system certification, occupational health and safety management system, etc., and is a member of China Construction Metal Structure Association and China Steel Structure Association.


              The group has three manufacturing bases under its jurisdiction: Dazu Laishi Steel Structure Industrial Park, Hangxin Industrial Park and Jiulongpo Baishiyi Laishi Manufacturing Industrial Park. Among them, Dazu Laishi Steel Structure Industrial Park covers an area of 120 acres, has a manufacturing workshop of 60,000m2, and currently has nearly 500 employees. It has a total of 12 H-shaped steel production lines, box-shaped production lines and heavy steel production lines. Use CNC plasma cutting machines, CNC drilling machines, H-shaped steel assembly machines, automatic submerged arc welding machines, flange correction machines, intersecting line cutting machines, large shot blasting and rust removal machines and other information-based and intelligent special equipment, as well as a steel truss floor slab production line composed of dozens of various types of color presses.Its good stability and accuracy ensure the quality of steel structure products. The annual production capacity of steel components reaches more than 50,000 tons, 1 million square meters of metal profiled plates, and the annual output value is about 500 million yuan.


              The Hangxin Industrial Park, which is about to be completed, covers an area of 150 acres and has a manufacturing workshop of more than 70,000 square meters. It is planned to invest 500 million yuan, provide employment for about 300-500 people, and plan to build 10 production lines. The production workshop will adopt domestic advanced production lines and mainly produce new green and environmentally friendly curtain walls, prefabricated decorative building materials and supporting industrialization-related products. After the project reaches full production capacity, it will achieve an annual marketing volume of 500 million yuan and is expected to generate tax payments of more than 20 million yuan. It has become the design, R&D and production base for large-scale green and environmentally friendly new curtain walls and prefabricated building decoration materials in Southwest China.



              The company's business covers a wide range of steel structure construction fields such as large public buildings, ultra-high buildings, municipal infrastructure, and industrial engineering. Covering many industries such as automobiles, logistics, electric power, chemicals, machinery, real estate, transportation, bridges, venues, etc. It includes structural forms such as gantry frames with various spans, row frames, high-rise frames, grid frames, grid shells, large-span arched color steel roofs and bridge steel structures etc.


              It has undertaken the construction of many landmark buildings that highlight modern architectural civilization.The representative projects mainly include Changan Yuzui Industrial Park, BEIJING-HYUNDAI AUTO Industrial Park, Chongqing Raffles Square, New Hope D10 super high-rise, Sunchuang Cultural Tourism City, Tianfu International Airport, Jinshan Interchange, two rivers Bridge and other projects.


              In the past 15 years, the company has continued to use its distinctive brand positioning, consistent cultural atmosphere, business philosophy with The Times, and supplemented by three-dimensional sales strategy, so that the business coverage is centered in Chongqing, radiating 15 provinces across the country and some overseas markets.So that Laishi construction Group in the same industry, the same standard, the same starting point on the competition all the way ahead. Established a good corporate image, praised by all walks of life.




              • 公司現有員工500余名,80%擁有專業培訓的經歷;
              • 公司采用了企業ERP軟件管理系統
              • 與國內著名科研機構和國內外鋼結構同行、高等院校多年有效合作








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              • 競爭理念
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